A downloadable game for Windows

Activate the 4 pillars within the labyrinth without getting caught by the Eye.

Your orb Companion will light your path and offer guidance if it senses an inactive pillar nearby. 

Avoid the Eye's gaze at all costs. If it sees you, try escaping by making sharp turns around corners and running as far from the Eye as possible. Beware the dead-ends within the labyrinth, as they could spell your doom.

When a pillar is activated, the Eye will come. Evacuate the area quickly, or rely on your wits to survive.

Labyrinth was created in Unity using "Behavior Machine" and explores NPC / player interactions and how they influence player decisions.

Labyrinth is best experienced full screen with audio on.

Player Character "Boxy" from the "Complete Physics Platformer Kit" by Icarus Studio, purchasable in the Unity Asset Store.


Labyrinth_Build.zip 37 MB

Install instructions

Download file. Extract the zip folder. Launch the game build.

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