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Help Bonnie, the young bat, light her jack-o-lanterns in preparation for Halloween!

Careful, though! Her candle stick is heavy, so her flying may be a bit erratic!


1. Hold down the mouse key to fly up. Bonnie will travel toward the position of the cursor while the mouse is pressed.

2. Bonnie relies on gravity to go down, so if you want to descend, let go of the mouse key!

3. To light a jack-o-lantern, position Bonnie's candle flame over it and she will light for you!

Try to light all five jack-o-lanterns as fast as possible!

To restart the game, press any key.

-made in Processing: https://processing.org/ -


Halloween_Prep.zip 73 MB

Install instructions

Download zip folder.

Extract all.

Open extracted folder and run "Halloween_Prep."

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