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You are a Droplet, competing in a game of "Platform Panic," aka: the favourite sport of your people. The rules are as follows:

1) To win, a Droplet must be the first to stay on the moving platform for 100 consecutive seconds. The Droplet closest to completing this goal will be identified with a magical, golden crown above their head, so competitors know who they have to target in order to steal the lead.

2) Only 10 Droplets are permitted on the platform at once. Any other athletes waiting to compete will be placed in a queue, and will be spawned into the game as soon as a currently competing Droplet is eliminated.

3) Droplets are eliminated by falling off the platform, or being carried away by various hazards.

4) Droplets who are waiting in the queue can vote for which hazards come into play. Try voting for the ones you think will eliminate your competitors faster, so that you can get into the game quicker!

Good Luck, Droplets!

And may the winds blow in your favour~


DewDrops was made in 4 days using the HappyFunTimesEngine in Unity by a team of 3 Game Design students at Sheridan College for an in-school game jam competition ("Sprint Week"). Out of 30+ teams, it ranked among the top 12.


PCBuild2.zip 22 MB

Install instructions

Install the zip file, unzip it, and run the Build Shortcut. A phone connected to wi-fi is needed to play this game. Connect your phone to the url that appears at the bottom of the game screen during runtime to access the controller.


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Had a good time playing this game. Watch us play this game here on our youtube channel https://youtu.be/JuO1papO69g

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)