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It's almost Halloween and the ghosts of the graveyard are running rampant again!

 While some are friendly and well behaved, others are acting out and causing mischief around town!

 As the local witch doctor, it's up to you to calm these restless spirits!

 Shoot the bad spirits with your one-of-a-kind "Witch Doctor Zapper Gun" to return them to a peaceful slumber!

 The upper middle score will keep count of how many naughty spirits you send back to their graves!

 But watch out!!! Shooting peaceful spirits will lower your score.

 Happy Hunting and Happy Halloween!!!

-made in Processing: https://processing.org/ -


Bust_Those_Ghosts.zip 73 MB

Install instructions

Download zip folder.

Extract all.

Open extracted folder and run "Bust_Those_Ghosts."

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